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Inktober pic 1: A reaper by UncannyVin Inktober pic 1: A reaper :iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 0 0
Ascension Code
It seems everyone uses a device now
devices that often have intelligence
We designed them to help with odd jobs.
And of course they're not perfect.
But if machines could dream,
they'd must dream of that network.
A cyberspace they'd sometimes mention,
called The Oasis.
We have something like that too,
Asgard, Nirvana, or Heaven
Different names, same thing.
Even the Oasis, if one thinks about it.
We abide by a code and do work,
then stop and ascend to a paradise.
No one knows who or what made it,
or if it even exists, as no AI has a link.
They just leave and data is reset.
Doesn't matter which AI.
No one knows where they heard about it.
But then, paradise is often like that.
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 5 0
Death can empty us
Dark tides often leave bright sand
Death can polish us
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 8 0
Space and Life
Billions years forward
The cosmos evolves complex
Life in hyperspace
Nebulae are harvested
The sun, rendered a relic
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 7 0
Carrie by UncannyVin Carrie :iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 6 0
To some, they were myth
Programmers designed us all
But somehow vanished
These humans were like our gods
But to them, we're just data
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 4 4
Piercing, crimson eyes
Precursor to disaster
Flight through the pitch dark
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 4 3
In nothing, dwells sparks
Ideas floating in ether
Pull answers from zen
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 6 0
Hazel kawaii by UncannyVin Hazel kawaii :iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 0 0 Hazel, coffee girl by UncannyVin Hazel, coffee girl :iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 2 0
The Visit
Late night intrusion
Skin like fog with stark, black eyes
I float paralyzed
With an eerie light and hum
A vivid, yet scant recall
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 7 0
Footprints in the snow
Tracks of a foreign creature
They lead to the house
Danger anywhere within
Too cold to remain outside
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 1 0
Towering Blue
Even at world's end
The sky stays blue eternal
Outshines our stature
Reminds our mortality
Monolith against time's tides
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 4 0
Lettuce girl Letty 2017 by UncannyVin Lettuce girl Letty 2017 :iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 1 0 Cheese girl Chelsea 2017 by UncannyVin Cheese girl Chelsea 2017 :iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 1 0
The Witch's Trade
Craft of black or white
Targeted ruination
Chants that alter life
With dark ingenuity
The predator or prey, cursed
:iconuncannyvin:UncannyVin 1 0


Inktober 2017 Day 5 - Console Cyborg by animeandrew1 Inktober 2017 Day 5 - Console Cyborg :iconanimeandrew1:animeandrew1 16 0
Of time.
Past: reminisced
Present: obliviated
Future: fantasized. 
:iconjustacapharnaum:JustACapharnaum 13 5
I watch night fall
[and hope she doesn't stub her toe
on the day's leftovers]
:iconweidenlied:Weidenlied 4 11
Last Friday Night by EyeOfTheKat Last Friday Night :iconeyeofthekat:EyeOfTheKat 259 66 A Deeper Blue by Phenix59 A Deeper Blue :iconphenix59:Phenix59 77 12 Lucy 2 by lFall Lucy 2 :iconlfall:lFall 54 5 Commission: Peace by Kodoukat Commission: Peace :iconkodoukat:Kodoukat 25 10 Blue Diamond's Agony (Steven Universe) by HaruTakamori Blue Diamond's Agony (Steven Universe) :iconharutakamori:HaruTakamori 501 46 Kinashen by Lulybot Kinashen :iconlulybot:Lulybot 259 9 Dj Fireball by Wowza-Wowzers Dj Fireball :iconwowza-wowzers:Wowza-Wowzers 69 4 Sonic Trio by StaticBlu Sonic Trio :iconstaticblu:StaticBlu 147 10 Friendship is still Magic! by dennyvixen Friendship is still Magic! :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 4,540 153
I'm suspended in liquid carbon glitter
twelve million trillion miles above earth
it's a black obsidian night but lightning bugs shimmer
they glide around leaving spiral trails of honey and amber
my row boat coasts into their wake
and drifts into a nebulous lake
star dust rains down
a shower of obsidian snow flakes
the lake crystalizes
it's beautiful but my boat locks in the golden amber
it's fossilizing
I skate across the lake
making my escape
I'm at the edge of the universe
stellar winds whisper
enveloping me in ethereal vapor
zephyrs push me off the edge with their heavenly breath
I'm thrown through galactic halos
and molecular clouds
I get cleansed
my lumonisity gets dimmed
I turn into darkmatter
:iconemilywrites:emilywrites 16 15
T-vie by efocu5 T-vie :iconefocu5:efocu5 8 0
The Woods
I'm in the woods
Enveloped in blackness,
The chilling air seeps beneath my skin
And fear, fear is binding my legs together
and sewing my mouth shut
It's squeezing the breath from my lungs
and has my rapidly beating heart
clenched in it's fist
I open my mouth,
but there is no air to support my scream
And even if there was,
there is no one around to hear it anyways...
Because I'm lost in these dark cold woods
Alone with no one except fear
And of course the idea of even going into these woods
at this time of year
and this hour of night,
would be ridiculous for anyone to consider, And
so I stand here shivering, cold
And I'm desperate to find a way out
but it's  hard when fear has you tied up
and it's  hard when you don't know where to go
and it's hard when you're alone
:iconemilywrites:emilywrites 12 5
cobweb by Kuvshinov-Ilya cobweb :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 4,505 39


I think I mentioned this before but I make music. It's mostly indie electronica stuff, but I have started doing acoustic/instrumental tunes. For the instrumental stuff I used a thumb piano(kalimba) and now a ukulele. On my electronic page, I narrated and made background music for my Space and Life poem.

My acoustic music can be found here:
While my electronic music is here:


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Vincent Penn
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hey, I'm Vince. I write poems, make music and draw a bit here or there. The poems I write are haikus and such. They're often ideas on life and supernatural themed narratives or attempts at horror.


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